SB Controls for Operators, Supervisors, Work Planners, Engineers & Facility Managers - MSRE


CONTACT: Karen Balo

INTENDED AUDIENCE: NHHO project personnel, e. g., Operators, Supervisors, Work Planners, Engineers, and Facility Managers who perform work/tasks associated with the MSRE facility/operations.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Training modules will provide in-depth review of TSR controls for each nuclear facility and provide case studies and comprehensive exams to cover all nuclear facilities within the scope of this Training Plan. Some of the facilities may be combined into one module (e.g., HADs). Some facilities may require separate modules (e.g., LLLW, MSRE). This module will also address the impact that maintenance or facility modifications could have on a nuclear facility safety envelope. Training modules will also address the specific requirements in each nuclear facility and provide examples of how these requirements could be impacted by routine operations and engineering activities.