HAZ 40-hr


CONTACT: Julie Bridges

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Personnel who are hazardous waste workers conducting environmental restoration activities

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This internet-based course is a self-paced, open-entry, open exit, waste site worker course that meets all the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.120, OSHAs Hazardous Waste Site Worker and Emergency Response Standard. Certification is from the University of Tennessee, Energy, Environment and Resource Center. The course consists of an online text, interactive exercises, web links, self-grading quizzes, and a final exam. The course provides participants an opportunity to learn basic skills and knowledge about protecting the health and safety or personnel working with hazardous wastes and hazardous waste site work. There is one day of face-to-face training to complete the 40-hours for HAZWOPER certification or as a stand-alone course to enhance your skills. Instructors are available at all times by e-mail, telephone and pager.